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Making Good Progress!

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Hey guys,

The last few days have been tough riding but I’ve certainly broke the back of this trip and am making good progress south, despite some strong headwinds.

Scotland was simply amazing cycling and I throughly enjoyed it. As I type this blog I am sitting in the garden of a bike shop in Whitley Bay whilst they swap out my rear mech cable. Ten miles from my destination last night the cable snapped leaving me with only one gear to ride the rest of the way. Fortunately it was flat so I could push the gear that the bike was stuck in without to much trouble. Imagine a car that is stuck in fifth gear, that’s what happened to my gears.

The previous day my chain snapped so I was hopeful that would have been the last time I visited a bike shop needing a repair. It’s all good though, no matter what bike you ride chains break and cables snap that’s just wear and tear.

Hopefully I can make it down to Whitby this evening, that will leave an easy day to Hull where I am staying on Wednesday. After that I’ll be making my way down to Kings Lynn and then around Norfolk, Essex and into London.

You guys can track me live here just refresh the page and you’ll see my progress in real time.

As I’m getting closer to finishing I thought I’d run a little competition to win a singed copy of my book “The Ultimate Triathlon” All you have to do is make a small donation on my just giving page it can be anything from £1 upwards. Just leave your name on the donation page with “book competition” in the message along with anything else you want to say. Do let me know once you have made your donation.

The weather is looking positive for the next few days at least, with the southerly winds shifting round from the north. So I’ll hopefully have a tail wind again and be able to make some good progress.

I hope you’re all enjoying the updates and if you have any questions do let me know.

Out for now

Captain Ketch

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