Serial Adventurer, Motivational Speaker and Scouting Ambassador.


James Ketchell is the first and only person to have rowed across the Atlantic Ocean, successfully summited Mount Everest and cycled 18,000 miles around the world, in what the media dubbed ‘The Ultimate Triathlon’.

In 2019 he flew his open-cockpit gyroplane over 24,000 nautical miles around the world, in 175 days to set the first Fédération Aéronautique Internationale ratified circumnavigation for an aircraft of it’s type. 

The mission was to inspire a million young people in classrooms over the world to pursue their own dreams and goals.

Greenland 2022

Leaving soon

The Expedition

In May 2022, I will be part of a small team skiing 400 miles across the Greenland Ice Cap. We will start on the West from Kangerlussuaq and finish in Isortoq.

It will be a tough endeavour with temperatures regularly falling to -20C. I will be travelling unsupported which means I have to pull all my food and kit in a pulk (like a sled), which at the beginning of the expedition will weigh almost 100kg.


James talks with candour and enthusiasm about his approach to taking on challenges and “without doing anything special” the way he has tackled physical adventures that most of us have only imagined experiencing.

He describes how he set incremental and achievable goals, how he secured sponsorship and support, how he physically prepared himself, and what experiences these challenges threw at him. As James tells his story, the listener will believe that they too could achieve the extraordinary.

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