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Three Easy Steps to Stay Motivated!

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Hey guys,

I hope 2018 is treating you all well so far, by now you will already be either getting into a rhythm of working towards your goals, or you will have fallen off the rails and just be going through the motions. Don’t worry it’s never too late to start again, don’t let a bad few days, or even a month turn into a bad year! Did you know, even the most successful people on this planet have bad days, they just don’t let them turn into a bad week and so on.

Here are three small easy tips to help you stay focused, and on track. I also do these things myself every day, without fail.

  • Write you goals down for each day, every evening tick off what you have achieved, and then write down what you’re going to do the following day. Sometimes things will roll over to the following days activities, but never let this happen for more than two days.
  • Spend twenty minutes reading every morning. I personally try to read one book a month, which may sound like a lot. However, broken down into small twenty minute chunks it becomes very easy to do. I used to read in the evening, but started to do it in the mornings and for some reasons my days ended up becoming far more productive. I decided to do this every morning and when I looked into this, it turns out the brain is at it’s most receptive to information in the mornings. Now I would never tell you what to read, but if you want to try and keep yourself motived, read something where you feel you will learn something or be inspired by someone’s story. I often read stories of how someone has overcome adversity to achieve something extraordinary.
  • Make some time for exercise, even if you walk to work or even walk up the stairs as opposed to taking the lift when out and about. You’ll be amazed at the difference this will make. Just doing some form of exercise. Also remember you are what you eat. A healthy body is a healthy mind.

These are just a few things that I do every day, also remember, don’t be too hard on yourself, no one is perfect, and I do mean “no one”.

A lot of people ask me how I mentally stay so focused to achieve what I have, my answer is, “I’m not”. I personally really struggle to stay motived, I just stick to my routines and things that I know work for me. A human being will end up believing something if they keep saying it long enough, this is a fact. Sadly most people talk themselves out of things, I see it and hear it all the time. In life you will either make an excuse and end up believing it, or you will find a way to do what you want to do.

I am personally working on an aviation based project, it’s tough and I have recently had to push my time line back as I’ve not secured enough funding. I have to take full responsibility for this though as it’s too easy to blame x,y,z company who wouldn’t sponsor the project and become bitter and angry. The truth is I have to work harder to make this happen. When I’m going through the motions of getting funding, I don’t think about the outcome I’m looking for, I just focus on what needs to be achieved that day. The outcome will take care of itself.

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Thanks for your continued support guys

Out for now,

Captain Ketch

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