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A Wet & Windy West Wales

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Hey guys,

I have now been back on the road for the past couple of days, after taking a rest day in Bristol. I need to say a massive thank you to my friend Sarah for putting up with me, buying me steak, washing my kit and letting me stay in her lovely pristine flat!

The last few days has seen me cross into Wales, through Cardiff, Swansea and I’m currently typing this blog up just outside of Tenby. By the end of the day on Friday I plan to be in Aberystwyth, Saturday will be Bangor and Sunday will be Liverpool. Wales will then be done and dusted!

I’ve been very fortunate to have my good friend Ian cycling with me today and yesterday, it’s his last day tomorrow. I will then be back to my good self, although I’m use to it now.

This afternoon Ian and myself came across a guy sitting in MacDonald’s with a charity walk jacket strapped to his rucksack. I asked what he was doing and to my amazement he was walking around the coast of Britain. He’d been on the road for 120 days and only had 400 miles left before he finished his walk. It’s quite funny how some people doing the most amazing things go completely unnoticed. His name is Alan Watkins and he is on course to break the record for circumnavigating Britain….Amazing!

On the weather front it hasn’t been great here in Wales, but that’s to be expected right? Ha just kidding, the forecast is starting to look promising.

Here is the tracking link if you’d like to come and join me. And the most important link is here guys Who’s going to make a donation to the fantastic charity I’m cycling around Britain for?

Anyone who makes a donation will be entered into a draw to win a pretty awesome prize!

I’m now falling asleep as I type this so I’ll say….

Out for now

Captain Ketch

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