Reflecting On My Round Britain Ride!

22nd September 2016by James Ketchell0

Hey guys,

Well after a few nights in my own bed, I am now well and truly rested and strangely eager to get out on my bike again! You wouldn’t think so after riding non-stop for 37 days. Everyone gets different things from exercise and cycling but for me being out on my bike helps me stay motivated and energised.

Now I’m back I can reflect on what has been a great little trip around Britain. Certainly some of the best cycling in terms of scenery was in North West Scotland, very rugged and mountainous which is a landscape that I am fond of, it also has a very close resemblance to some parts of America that I have cycled through.

Although there are some fairly flat parts of the country, I can honestly say that Britain in general is pretty hilly, or at least I thought it was!

My cycle around Britain reminded me just how many kind generous people really are out there. In the same way I experienced when I was cycling around the world, so many people I didn’t even know but had friends of friends etc were taking me in and letting me stay with them for the night, as I passed through their town or city.

Although I didn’t cycle around the world again, I am now physically very close to being back in similar shape to when I returned from the world cycle. It feels great to be fit again!

I need to say a big thanks to my friend Anthony who provided a fantastic tracking solution for me, I know a lot of you were monitoring my progress in real time as I cycled around the country. It also enabled quite a few people to come out and find me which was just brilliant. I do need to say a massive thank you to everyone that made the effort to come out and cycle with me, some did an hour and others stayed with me for days. It was a real pleasure having you along and you all know who you are!

While I’m thanking people I need to thank everyone who has kindly made a donation to Over The Wall. They are a great charity helping very sick children. If you haven’t donated yet you can do so here Thanks in advance guys!

So the question I am getting now…What’s Next?

Well, long term I am working on a massive project in 2018, details will be released in 2017. Short term I will carry on with some endurance cycling and have a few little trips planned.

This weekend I am speaking at the South West Outdoor Festival on Saturday. All the details can be found here

My bike and complete set up that I used to cycle around Britain will be on display at the Bike show this weekend at the NEC  Head over to the Vaaru stand J42. I will be there on Friday.

A full video on my round Britain bike and set up will be available next week. Be sure to follow me on twitter @CaptainKetch for all the updates.

Out for now guys

Captain Ketch
James Ketchell is a serial adventurer, motivational speaker and Scouting ambassador. James became the first and only person to have rowed across the Atlantic Ocean, successfully summited Mount Everest and cycled 18,000 miles around the world in what the media dubbed “The Ultimate Triathlon”.