Supported Charities

The two charities which are close to James’s heart

Over The Wall

Over The Wall is a national UK children’s charity and a member of the international SeriousFun Children’s Network. We provide free and fun camps for children teenagers and their families living with serious health challenges.

Through participation in a proven programme of fun-filled recreational and educational activities, our camps help promote inclusion whilst developing the confidence,
self-esteem, coping strategies and peer relationships of all our campers.

We give children one glorious week of experiences that are memorable, exciting, fun and empowering, in a physically safe and medically sound environment.

Over The Wall is the only residential camp in the UK structured on the late Paul Newman’s renowned ‘Hole in the Wall Gang Camp’. As Paul Newman put it “A place where kids can kick back, relax and raise a little hell”.

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Kindled Spirit

Kindled Spirit is a dedicated initiative with the sole aim of raising awareness and supporting the victims of trafficking, especially children. We identify professionally run, non-government organisations (NGO’s) around the world, which seek additional funding and other programme support in line with our aims and objectives.

Human trafficking, or modern day slavery is an abhorrent crime that affects 161 countries across the globe. It is now second only to the international drugs trade in terms of profitability. The trade is worth an estimated $31bn. per annum.

Some alarming facts…
  • It is estimated that over 3 million people are trafficked each year – 50% being children.
  • 80% of those children end up in the commercial sex industry.
  • Most girls are trafficked between the ages of 9 and 14.
95% of all victims trafficked experience physical or sexual violence.

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James Ketchell is a serial adventurer, motivational speaker and Scouting ambassador. James became the first and only person to have rowed across the Atlantic Ocean, successfully summited Mount Everest and cycled 18,000 miles around the world in what the media dubbed “The Ultimate Triathlon”.