The Elifar Foundation

The Elifar Foundation is a charity run almost entirely by volunteers. It aims to help improve the quality of life mainly of profoundly disabled children and young adults, whether living at home or in residential care, but we will also consider applications from children and adults of all ages with any form of physical or learning disability.

We fund the purchase of a wide range of specialised equipment, therapies and respite, which would otherwise be unavailable because of a lack of funds or because there is no statutory provision.

The name ELIFAR stands for Every Life Is For A Reason, a philosophy which serves to remind us all that everyone deserves to enjoy the minimum standards of comfort and happiness in life, though for those with severe disability these are often not easily achieved.

The financial, physical and emotional cost to them and their families is enormous and any help we can give will often be life changing, and always gratefully received.

Over The Wall

Over The Wall is a national UK children’s charity and a member of the international SeriousFun Children’s Network. We provide free and fun camps for children teenagers and their families living with serious health challenges.

Through participation in a proven programme of fun-filled recreational and educational activities, our camps help promote inclusion whilst developing the confidence,
self-esteem, coping strategies and peer relationships of all our campers.

We give children one glorious week of experiences that are memorable, exciting, fun and empowering, in a physically safe and medically sound environment.

Over The Wall is the only residential camp in the UK structured on the late Paul Newman’s renowned ‘Hole in the Wall Gang Camp’. As Paul Newman put it “A place where kids can kick back, relax and raise a little hell”.