2nd September 2016

Almost Half Way Around The UK!

Hey guys, It’s been a good few days since my last blog update. I had the intention of writing one daily but have been falling asleep most evenings before getting the chance. I’m now in Fort William after an extremely wet day and a lot more walking than I thought I’d be doing! Roughly five miles out of Fort William I heard a very loud, “Bang” my rear tyre instantly deflated! I wondered if perhaps I’d ridden over a nail but couldn’t see anything obvious sticking out of the tyre. Upon taking a closer look I realised that the tyre had split away from the bead that runs around the edge of it, effectively leaving a large gash in the tyre. I had to walk into Fort William where I’m staying this evening and will check out the local bike shop tomorrow morning to pick up a new tyre. Apart […]
26th August 2016

A Wet & Windy West Wales

Hey guys, I have now been back on the road for the past couple of days, after taking a rest day in Bristol. I need to say a massive thank you to my friend Sarah for putting up with me, buying me steak, washing my kit and letting me stay in her lovely pristine flat! The last few days has seen me cross into Wales, through Cardiff, Swansea and I’m currently typing this blog up just outside of Tenby. By the end of the day on Friday I plan to be in Aberystwyth, Saturday will be Bangor and Sunday will be Liverpool. Wales will then be done and dusted! I’ve been very fortunate to have my good friend Ian cycling with me today and yesterday, it’s his last day tomorrow. I will then be back to my good self, although I’m use to it now. This afternoon Ian and myself […]
23rd August 2016

The South West Done

Hey guys, Today I’m typing this blog from Bristol where I am taking a day off the bike. The sun is shining and there is not a cloud in the sky! I need to head to a bike shop to buy a new pump, a few CO2 canisters and possibly a new chain as I had it measured a few days ago and it’s quite worn. I also need to pop to the Apple shop as all my notes have disappeared from my phone which is a real pain. I’m told this has been a common problem recently. I don’t have a lot of luck with electrics as my newly purchased Garmin Edge 520 packed up on me yesterday. Thankfully my good friend Ian who is a tech wizard told me how to do a reset and as if by magic it came back to life! The past few days […]
19th August 2016

Finding My Cycling Legs

Hey guys, Well I have been on the road for five solid days now and finally I’m starting to get my cycling legs back. The last time I was cycling back to back days with a loaded bike would have been the best part of three years ago, when I was cycling around the world! One of the things I love about being out on the bike is the people you run into. (Not literally of course). So far I’ve met a retired couple who were training for a bike ride in Europe. A retired police officer who was cycling home and gave me a briefing on the history of Plymouth whilst on the Torpoint ferry. I also met two cyclists from a local club in Sidmouth who gave me some navigational tips on my route. The list goes on but the one common denominator is being on a bike, […]