11th August 2015

What did I learn from the rescue in the Indian Ocean!

It’s not every day you find yourself in an ocean looking up at a colossal tanker whilst getting pummeled against the side of it by the waves, wondering, how on earth am I going to haul myself up this to safety. Well that’s what happened to me just over a month ago! Here are a few things that I took away from the experience. It certainly made me realise just how lucky I am to be doing the things I love for a job. Prior to the rescue I was always preoccupied, chasing sponsorship deals and generally trying to make various things happen. I still however do all of the above but before I was blinkered and was only looking at the things I didn’t have, instead of what I have been fortunate enough to do over the years. Things will always go wrong at some point, that’s just life! […]
24th July 2015

Finally Home!

Hey guys, One thing that the last few weeks have taught me is that you never really know what’s around the corner. As I sit typing up this blog, looking out the window at the grey clouds that are unleashing buckets or rain in true British fashion, my mind is constantly drifting back to three weeks ago when I was looking out of the bridge window on a 100,000 ton oil tanker whilst thinking to myself ‘What the hell has just happened? Did I really climb up that ladder to safety?’. These last three weeks have been really quite surreal, I keep thinking I will wake up and this will have all been a dream and that really I’m still in the boat making my way to Mauritius with Ash. Unfortunately that’s not going to happen and I now have to focus on moving forward. There are so many people […]
10th July 2015

Rescue up date!

Hi everyone, I’m sure most of you who have been following our journey already know by now that we were rescued at 1pm local time on the 8th July, 200 miles from Geraldton. On the evening of Tuesday 7th July conditions started to change with the swell and winds picking up quite considerably, eventually reaching 6.5m seas with extremely strong winds. We were able to ride this out on a para anchor for some time but in the end the conditions caused the boat to roll over several times as we were hit on the beam by a monstrous wave. The first roll wasn’t too bad, but the second roll was particularly violent, causing Ash to be thrown across the cabin hitting his head and shoulder hard. Ash instantly felt faint and dizzy. It was at this point that the decision was made to prioritize safety, which was absolutely the […]
4th July 2015

Update: Indian Ocean World Record Challenge 2015

Update from the Communications Team: Having spoken to James and Ash late last night, their experience in the first 72 hours has been something of an eye-opener. They’ve reached the 250km mark well past the beautiful coral reefs of the Abrolhos Islands 40km West of Geraldton, which just about mark the edge of the continental shelve. One of Ash’s wishes when rowing was to see wildlife, and he’s already had sight of some of the of the Ocean’s greatest creatures. As they crossed the continental shelf and the point of no return, the pair had already seen friendly dolphins pop up to say hello and wish them well, but slightly further out a whale (believed to be hump back) appeared for a few seconds making its presence known. That said, the star of the show as a shark that Ash spotted. A dorsal fin appeared not too far from the […]