9th June 2016
Boat test day -1

The Next Adventure!

Hi Guys, I’ve recently been eluding to my next project, which I think most people who know me are familiar with by now. However, it’s now time to share all with you. On Saturday 25th June I will be setting off from St Katharine’s Dock to row solo, nonstop and unsupported around Great Britain. A distance of 2,000 miles and a feat that has not yet been achieved by anyone. Fingers crossed ah! Circumnavigating Great Britain alone in a rowing boat presents many challenges, mainly the tides which I will be trying to use to my advantage, and the winds which can be very erratic. I will drop an anchor when I need to rest as I cannot touch land at any point during the circumnavigation. I will be fully self supported on the boat, no different to any ocean crossing, I will be eating the same dehydrated food and […]
16th May 2016

On Top Of The World!

Hi Guys, Today is the 16th May 2016, a pretty standard day for most people going about their work and general day to day activities I would imagine. Today is also just another day for me too, but exactly five years ago things were quite different. I was stood on the summit of Mt Everest! A height of 8848M almost 30,000ft above sea level, an experience I will never forget. It was all very surreal; my Sherpa, Dorje, and I arrived on the summit at 8.30am after having hauled ourselves up over the famous Hillary Step. The ascent was difficult with the oxygen levels being low; I devised a strategy, I would take 10 steps, rest, another 10 steps and rest and so on. I knew this method would eventually get me to the top – I simply repeated the process and kept going. It was a long slog through […]
22nd April 2016
Book Launch (14 of 18)

Thanks for all the support!

Hi Guys, As I sit here typing this it’s hard to believe that my book is now published and available. It’s been a very long road to get to this point and it still hasn’t sunk in that this chapter of my life, i.e writing my first book is now over. It was a long process taking over a year to write but the concept that has never let me down of “just keep going” has worked for me yet again. I’m already working on my next book which will be very exciting considering the experiences and situations I have found myself in over the past two years. My next adventure will form the final part of the next book too, so let’s see what happens. I think things are going to get interesting this summer! I do need to say a massive thank you to everyone who attended my […]
19th March 2016

Book Launch “The Ultimate Triathlon” 7th April

Hi everybody, Finally it’s with great pleasure that I can now tell you that my book “The Ultimate Triathlon” is coming out on April 7th. For those people that know me will be aware that I’ve been working on this for a long time now and have had some challenges along the way but its finally finished! The book would not have been possible without the help from a lot of people who have believed in me and supported me from the early days of my adventuring. I am also very excited to tell you that we have teamed up with Cotswold Outdoor for the book launch on April 7th. I will be giving a talk in their flag ship store in Covent Garden and then signing copies and taking any questions. Please join us for the drinks reception. 7th April @ 7pm – 9pm Cotswold Outdoor, Covent Garden, 8 […]