4th July 2016

Update, Down But Not Out!

Hi Guys, Firstly, I need to say a big thank you to everyone for all the messages of concern and support that I’ve been inundated with. I can honestly say you really never do know what’s around the corner, I can not believe that I left London just over a week ago and now I’m typing this blog from dry land. For those that have been following me you’ll know that I made fairly quick progress from Tower Bridge around Margate and onto Dover, where the weather turned pretty nasty. This wasn’t a problem as I was taking shelter behind the harbour wall and had the boat just sitting on an anchor holding my position. On Thursday evening I started feeling very weak and could not stop being sick. I also noticed that my urine was almost black. I was very taken aback by this as I was drinking what […]
27th June 2016

Round GB row – first stop – Margate

Hey guys, Well it’s time to write my first blog from sea. All is going well so far, I’m currently anchored off Margate so am making good progress despite taking it fairly easy. I’m currently waiting for high tide and then I’ll make my way around passed Ramsgate and onto Deal. The winds are forecast to be light this evening but are picking up considerably tomorrow so that’s going to make things interesting! I need to say a massive thank you to everyone that came along to my launch on Saturday, despite the rain it was great to get so much support. A big thank you to Over The Wall for there fantastic support. Also Charlie and Angus from Rannoch for coming down from Essex on the Rib in order to take people out on the water. This is the best link to use for tracking my progress Don’t […]
23rd June 2016
Boat test day -20

See you at the starting line!

Hi guys, Well the time has come to get out there and do this! Rowing solo and unsupported around Great Britain is going to be tough, but I’m feeling confident. A distance of 2,000 miles and to date no one has successfully achieved this feat. I was recently asked if I still get nervous? The honest answer is I still get slightly nervous at the beginning of an expedition but it’s a mix of nerves and excitement, with a bit of anxiousness thrown in, wondering if I’ve forgotten anything. I think I’ll be fine! It doesn’t matter if you’ve climbed Everest or rowed oceans, people who do these things still get nervous like anyone else. I’ll be setting off this Saturday 25th June from St Katherine’s Dock at 5pm, I will be there all day with the boat so feel free to come down and say hi. If you can make […]
9th June 2016
Boat test day -1

The Next Adventure!

Hi Guys, I’ve recently been eluding to my next project, which I think most people who know me are familiar with by now. However, it’s now time to share all with you. On Saturday 25th June I will be setting off from St Katharine’s Dock to row solo, nonstop and unsupported around Great Britain. A distance of 2,000 miles and a feat that has not yet been achieved by anyone. Fingers crossed ah! Circumnavigating Great Britain alone in a rowing boat presents many challenges, mainly the tides which I will be trying to use to my advantage, and the winds which can be very erratic. I will drop an anchor when I need to rest as I cannot touch land at any point during the circumnavigation. I will be fully self supported on the boat, no different to any ocean crossing, I will be eating the same dehydrated food and […]