20th June 2015

Our time in Oz is almost up!

Hey guys Finally after what has been seven weeks of work and frustration at times, the James Lewis is now back in the water. There are many people who have really helped us out and for that, Ash and myself are extremely grateful. Now you may be wondering why has it taken so long to get back on the water again. The boat sustained some damage to the hull that needed to be repaired. Thankfully it did not compromise the structural integrity of the boat. Various parts needed to be ordered from different locations around the world, which took some time. We do need to say a special thanks to Jim from Sailfish Marine for the fantastic support he has given us. Whilst I’m saying thank you, I need to mention a fantastic couple, John & Cheryle who own the local chandlery in Geraldton, Max Marine. Since we arrived in […]
6th June 2015

Almost ready to go!

Hey guys! Well quite honestly if someone said that we would still be in Australia after what is going to be the start of our 7th week tomorrow, back in the UK, I would have said, “absolutely no chance”! But tomorrow is the start of our 7th week. The time has passed extremely quickly, it’s really quite scary. Both Ash and I really want to get out there now! However we are still waiting on some kit from the UK to arrive. The good news is that we are almost there with the work that needs to be carried out in order to get us back in the water. I never would have thought that the tow back could have gone so disastrously wrong! That said, at least we still have a boat and a very good one at that. We just need to get out and row it! We […]
29th May 2015

Still Keeping Busy!

I’m sure by now some of you are wondering what’s going on out here in Australia, as we have been back on land for over a week now. The James Lewis is currently undergoing a little bit of structural work to repair some damage from the tow back in. We are also waiting for some parts that are being shipped from the UK which are due to arrive early next week. Ash and I have taken the spare time over the past week to engage in community events. We were both asked to speak at the annual prize giving awards night at the Geraldton Yacht Club last weekend. Five minutes before walking out of the hotel door, Ash had a seizure and was therefore unable to attend. It did however highlight the effects of living with Epilepsy and everyone at the club was in awe of his Endeavor to row […]